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Marketing Automation

Companies are too busy managing data in excel or getting lead data online after spending good amount of money in digital marketing. As we move customers are looking for you but how to get to them is the big question which every company ask. The answer is "Marketing Automation", which plays a important role in reaching out to customers who are looking for you and ClientCurve plays a role to manage and execute campaigns which leads to high qualified leads.

To this effect we would like to present our solution named 'iContactCenter' solution. Using this solution

  •   Customized database – eliminating the need for collecting large tranches of data
  •   Avoid Filtering – ClientCurve already ensures that data picked is the best fit thereby reducing the overhead of having to clean up the data.
  •   Follow-Up – All our client communication is stored in a CRM with proper follow-up dates set to ensure that no call is missed thereby increasing our hit rate and effectiveness in obtaining a lead.

We follow a rigorous process in maintaining our databases up to date with the lead information, involve with the sales personnel frequently, gaining an understanding on the market and making the sales pitch accordingly, so that the sales personnel are at ease when talking to the client even after being involved at a later stage. This can go a long way in gaining the confidence of the client and more importantly in being loyal with us for future sales.

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