• list-building
    Top Seven Digital Ways To Build Email List

    Top Seven Digital Ways To Build Email List: If your business has an online presence then the opportunity exists to build a very effective email marketing list. A targeted email list allows you to constantly nurture prospects by providing them with information and offers in order to eventually turn then into a revenue producing conversion….

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  • who_we_are
    Tips for Building a Powerful Brand Identity for your Small Business

    starting a business can be one of the most exciting and empowering moves you’ll ever make and absolutely doable, even in today’s highly competitive marketplace. It takes more than a great idea to sustain a business, though. To be successful, you’ll need to first focus on building a powerful brand identity. Here are some tips…

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  • Digital Marketing Solutions
    Organic vs. Paid: Which Is The Best Fit For B2B Marketers?

    ClientCurve Marketing Solutions | SEO vs. PPC: Which Is the Best Fit for Your Business? The success of any online enterprise is measured by how much traffic is directed to that particular website. The key is to draw people to your website, the shop window for your business, and give them enough reason to convert…

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  • B2B Display Advertising
    Can Display Advertising & Re-targeting Works for B2B Marketers?

    When it comes to marketing, display advertising has traditionally been seen as somewhat of a ‘Marketing’ tool – a way for businesses to heighten general brand awareness, or to promote special offers, products or services to a fairly broad audience. In recent years, however, display advertising has become a very effective and powerful mechanism thanks…

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  • ClientCurve-Marketing
    5 Reasons to Use PPC Ads for Local Marketing

    Getting your website to appear in organic search engine results is one of the most important web marketing strategies. But don’t forget about search engine advertising, too. Pay-per-click ads are among the quickest ways to drive website traffic to generate more leads and sales. In this article, I’ll address five reasons to include search engine…

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  • blogging_tips
    Top Blogging Trends to Watch for 2014

    Blogging is now one of the top content marketing strategies for B2B marketers. According to research, 76% of B2B marketers are now using blogs – up 11 percentage points from two years ago. While 62% of the survey’s respondents think their blogs are effective, an amazing 79% of best-in-class* B2B marketers rank blogging as their…

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  • coldcalling success
    Cold Calling Techniques

    Cold calling is the very first lesson one gets in sales and for most of us who are into sales, we get so tied up with the routine job that the revisit to the techniques come handy. 1) What is the Goal? We often forget why we make the cold calls and confuse it with…

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  • Business-Lists
    Business Lists for Your Marketing Campaigns – We do it Right

    Contacts are the life and blood of any marketing campaign. Without a correct list, there is no point to any campaign. It is, therefore, vital that you get the list built with someone who understands what your marketing campaign is in the first place. The process of Contact List development for your marketing campaigns should…

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  • target_market1
    Segmented Database – The right way to your Marketing Campaigns

    Being marketers, it is important for us to be able to make the right connection with audience. This comes with understanding of business, knowledge of product/services, right content that generates a visceral reaction from audience during a campaign, impact performances for a recall or reference. So more or less it comes as a mix of…

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  • tele-coller-1
    First 30 Seconds – Threshold for Inside Sales Agents

    “30 seconds to win or lose a sale”- We all hear this from our direct bosses or seniors in the beginning phase of our careers. Every sales profession would agree that the impression done could cost or earn the biggest sale. Even in times like these when a lot of business is done through phone,…

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