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Technology is accelerating at a top notch speed and it is increasing the scope of B2B Companies all over the world in terms of lead and revenue generation through shorter sales cycle. The advent of technology in the form of voicemails, emails, web chats and even routine calling has augmented the profit acquired from inside sales. Inside sales activities are characterised by remote communication or online communication with the leads. Proposals, content, product information are all conveyed to the clients virtually for their assessment and further involvement. A survey indicated that inside sales made up about 29% of the global sales force in 2017 and would rise to over 30% in 2018. Thus to make the most of this customer acquisition strategy, let us consider some ways in which one can increase productivity through inside sales:

• Lead appointments: Inside sales team is the face of an organisation for the client. Hence they should be aware of the Company’s modus operandi and targets before proceeding with any client. Anticipating the challenges faced by the prospective client and assuring how their product can resolve these problems is a prime aspect of their job.

• Timing is everything: Sync your call time with the routine of your client. Choose the most optimal time for contacting your potential leads as the first impression sticks long and one must aim to create an impact to further the negotiation.

• Diligent research: Inbound sales team should be armed with a detailed understanding of the product and their lead’s expectations. Inadequate knowledge can lead to the loss of a potential contact and also curb demand generation.

• List building: Building and following the list of Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) can save one time and acquisition costs. Sending e-books and other snippets of information related to the product, can lay the foundation for a fruitful partnership.

• Customer history: Keep tabs on the clients who call, through the data in CRM i.e. the Company, their business deals, their product purchases in the past and also one can track the call-to-actions clicked by them to view your content.

• Cold calling: It is the most foolproof way to boost sales and generate revenue. It should be carried out in a systematic manner as with every follow up call; one gets closer to gaining a sales qualified lead.

• IT knowledge: Opt for upcoming technological tools that will assist you in being more robust and creative with your virtual communication, thus you will stand out in the crowd.

• Quality is the key: One should focus on better leads rather than more leads. Key performance indicators suggest that targeting and narrowing down leads to seal the deal is more crucial than accumulating new leads that might not be worth the time and effort. One can prioritize prospects according to lead scoring.

• Follow up: Personalised mails should showcase the uniqueness of your product and also use creative yet relevant subject lines to retain customer attention. Moreover follow up mails can give way to significant conversion given the content on the mails is precise and progressive.

• Clientele satisfaction: Earn the goodwill of the clients by understanding their pain points first rather than advertising the product from the very beginning.

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