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Not dead yet, Jim is alive and kicking !

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What a warm call or hot lead doesn’t do for your business, cold calling can.While a warm call is when a lead form gets filled up on your website; a hot lead is created when a prospect calls on an in-bound and requests for your product or service based on a reference. Cold calling is an out of the blue practice that gives the prospect an undivided attention when the pitch is proposed.I know people who refer to cold calling as dead, but did it ever cross your mind why sales representatives at high-power companies like Oracle, Sales force and other high-growth start-ups religiously practice this method.

You don’t believe me yet. Do you? As a matter of fact, cold calling has a few too many chances of win if you learn the trade-favorite tricks.While pitching a product or service to a client professionally, you got to make sure you have a sensible proposition and the call will make wonders. Remember! Cold calling doesn’t really mean calling random numbers and babbling; Cold-calling it is an art. By doing that you are attending to possible clients who are not raising their hands but are interested; the nudge will only make them more curious.

When you are approaching a prospective client, without knowing much about which of your competitors s/he might already be dealing with, you’re all the more relaxed. You have no notions swimming inside your head, no questions or doubt either. You are firm and you concentrate on what you should be speaking. The benefit of not being aware of your client is that you try your best to win their trust and get the best deal. If the client seems interested you attend to him/her with all your ears. You do not have to base your expectations on how much you know about the client instead you try to focus on what s/he is looking for and what about your product or service interests him or her.You know you have to make the person on the receiver end of your phone listen to you. You can’t go on speaking without making any sense whatsoever. Talk minimal but talk sense. Don’t launch your sales pitch already, wait. S/he might lose interest then and there. You don’t want that.

Trying to cold call the direct person or the decision maker increases the chances of him/her answering the call. And you guarantee yourself a sure-shot client. Cold calling is definitely alive and is still rocking the B2B sales force. All you have to be is a little smarter and educate yourself well on your product because you may be bombarded with any number of questions, ranging from brilliant to silly.

Cold calling is still the most effective way to initiate an appointment with the prospective client on your list and why not? It is the oldest technique of enhancing your clientele that has created some great examples of never-ending associations.

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