Lead Nurturing: Should You Automate It 100%?

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I was inspired to write this post when a reader asked this very question, “Do you use 100% automation for your lead nurturing?” Off the bat, my answer was an immediate “no”. But it got me thinking; what all manual interventions can better your lead nurturing program?

Lead nurturing can help nudge your inquiries to be sales-ready. But what if you could leverage all the information you collect on your leads and take a few manual actions to better serve their needs and perhaps even fast track them. However, all this wouldn’t work if you design a lead nurturing workflow in the beginning of the year and never looked back.

Lead nurturing is not a set it and forget it program. While everyone engages in continuous optimization based on open and click rates data; you can also do one-off personalization, explore new avenues for engagement, and change nurturing tracks to get the most out of your nurture program.

Send One-Off Interest-Based Offers: Imagine a lead in your nurture program, let’s call him John. Your marketing automation platform tells you that john loves demand generation; he has consumed everything you ever created on this topic be it blogs, webinars, and whitepapers.

Now, suppose you are about to publish a brand new guide book for demand generation professionals. Why not send john a copy of the guide book, along with a personalized email that shows him you know and care about his interests? You can be sure john will lap it up and love you for it.

Similarly, send one off email offers, webinar invites, and whitepapers based on your leads’ areas of interest.

Reach Out With a Phone Call: Let’s go back to john. Say, john downloads your demand generation guide book for professionals, is mighty impressed, and signs up for a free trial the very next day. While you might not get on the phone with every lead who signs up for a free trial, John is special. He is engaged, quick to respond, and has keen interest in your area of expertise. John is a hot lead and geared up for a sale. Making contact over the phone not only opens up an additional avenue for conversation that might be better suited to john’s needs, which appear to be urgent, but can also help move him faster down the pipeline.

You can set up rules and alerts to identify your highly engaged leads with urgent needs, so you can engage with them over the phone, social media or even over your website, depending on where they choose to be active.

Change Nurturing Track:
Any good lead nurturing program will have multiple lead nurturing tracks suited to different buyer personas and different stages in the marketing funnel. While some of the track changes may happen automatically, you might need to manually move a lead from one track to another in the following circumstances:
• Lead takes up a new role/ gets promoted
• Lead becomes a customer
• Lead resigns from target organization

How much of your lead nurturing process do you automate and what do you do manually? Write back in the Comments section.

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