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Cold Calling Techniques

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Cold calling is the very first lesson one gets in sales and for most of us who are into sales, we get so tied up with the routine job that the revisit to the techniques come handy.

1) What is the Goal? We often forget why we make the cold calls and confuse it with a chance to close a deal or generate a sale. But in reality cold calling is to get appointment so that we can make a great sales pitch. It is all about creating the right experience over a call for you and for the prospect.

2) Research your markets and prospects: Understand what kind of target market works for your business, get the list of the right audience. Adequate market research and information about the decision makers in the organization, details of the kind of the industry the organization is into, the kind of services it sells and any related news is always helpful before we call the person. This comes as an easy tip to prepare you before the call and know what to say so that we have the call aligned for a meeting.

3) Greet and Connect with the Prospect: A brief outline of what has to be spoken and conveyed to the person also helps. Try and use lines like “Is this a good time to talk?” or “How are you today?” in the framework of the conversation so that you instantly connect with the person over the call.

4) What should be in the opening statement? The opening statement can be something that strikes attention. A call would generally have a greeting and an introduction, a reference point (something about the prospect), the benefits of your product or service, and a transition to a question or dialogue and a request for appointment so that the meeting can be scheduled.

5) Calling Script: The calling script has it all – all the benefits of product or service and the reasons why the prospect should buy. All possible objections and answers to them. A script would primarily help you in having everything in the front for a reference so nothing gets left out.

6) Ask for a specific time: Being premise with the timing further ensures the chances of getting the meeting fixed instead of letting it lose for a next conversation.

7) Gatekeepers are allies not foes: It is tough for many a sales people to accept this but being pleasant to whoever picks up the phone or is guarding the inner sanctum when cold calling brings no harm. One must learn and develop strategies to get the gatekeeper to favor you. Because at times it may so happen they would help you to get onto the first call, rest is about how you take it. Learning the names of gatekeepers and being friendly when calling also helps.

8) Cold calling in early hours of the morning: Early morning working hours are the best time to reach the decision maker directly because most people would be most energized at that time.

9) Be persistent: Eighty percent of new sales are made after the fifth contact, yet the majority of sales people give up after the second call. Cold calling is all about follow-ups and appointment setting with the prospect for a next level discussion.

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