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Contacts are the life and blood of any marketing campaign. Without a correct list, there is no point to any campaign. It is, therefore, vital that you get the list built with someone who understands what your marketing campaign is in the first place.

The process of Contact List development for your marketing campaigns should ensure building of a “quality” list, because “Quality is better than Quantity.” It is better to reach to fewer contacts who are interested in your product, service or message than to send it to a random list of individuals who are not interested. This approach will give you better results and more success in your marketing campaign.


ClientCurve is a B2B Marketing Agency, specialize in List Building Service for your marketing campaigns.

Our Specialty:
Our business lists are accurate: The contacts on our business lists are updated weekly and monthly for accuracy.
Our business lists are reliable: We validate each contact for email deliverability before delivery of your specific order.
Our business lists are extensive: We do thorough research before including the records in our database. Besides, we have global coverage. We offer lists for North America, EMEA & APAC etc.

Way we build Effective B2B Contacts List

The key is to have a clear target market definition. We need info to build your B2B marketing list:
1. Identify the industry
We start by picking the industry and the sub-industry which is specified by the client or is suitable for the product we are looking at.
2. Identify companies
Companies like yours often define us the criteria for their target market which they are looking to focus for sales and branding. So we segment the market based on revenue, geography, number of employees, etc
3. Identify titles or roles
Here what we do is to understand who the right decision maker in each case. We identify the contact details based on department such as IT, Human Resources, Marketing, Manufacturing etc, and specific designations.
4. Standardize spreadsheet format
We standardize the spreadsheet based on the CRM format required by the clients so that it is ready to use list when we send it to you.
5. Validate:
We validate the information gathered by the phone verification or a physical verification and ensure that we give the right designation to you. Hence making your list authentic.

Conclusion: Whether you’re a start-up company looking to build a new database of business contacts, or an established company with an out-of-date or patchy database, if you can create an extensive and good quality B2B database then you will dramatically improve your business’s chances of success. Considering the fairly intense competitive markets outside, it is fair to say that every second lost counts a deal lost.

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