First 30 Seconds – Threshold for Inside Sales Agents

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“30 seconds to win or lose a sale”- We all hear this from our direct bosses or seniors in the beginning phase of our careers. Every sales profession would agree that the impression done could cost or earn the biggest sale. Even in times like these when a lot of business is done through phone, virtual conference calls; the first 30 seconds still plays the deciding factor.

I often wonder why it is crucial.
The first 30 seconds impression is all about the right mix- what the appointment setter speaks, how he speaks, the tone, the manner the sentences are framed and paused while speaking, attention to details that builds a certain impression about us in the mind of executive who controls the buying decisions. Studies show that in the first 30 seconds or less of initial meeting, buyers have already made a lasting and unshakable perception of the person they are speaking to. The challenge though in B2B Inside sales is that you convey the message through a voice process and have to develop an interest to continue the conversation further.


In selling, you seldom get that second chance. So it is weeks of effort, hard work and knowledge that stands with us during the discussion with the client. Especially in the software industry today, where the differentiation is only in the knowledge and quality of services at hand the buyer stands at a high point having numerous options to choose from. Hence the first 30 seconds determine if the sales person is going to be given the chance for next level or will be opted out.

Experts advise salespeople to quickly establish a professional image that projects knowledge of the customer’s business, confidence and accountability. The objective would then be to build a foundation for a being as a Trusted Advisor role versus the sales person trying to push the sales.

Here’s how to make a greatest impression for a inside sales agent:

1. Clarity in what we Speak: A preparation on what we want to speak during the call brings in certain flow to the discussion that will follow. For inside sales agents especially, it becomes important on how we talk over the phone or call bridge. It is our clarity in voice, tone, the speed with which we speak sentences that would help an executive either hold their interest or leave it.

2. Project Confidence: Confidence is a major ingredient in creating an executive presence. It comes hand in hand with knowledge of customer’s business, knowledge of market and knowledge of how to help them best. A little homework and researching can help you cultivate this. It is always about providing a logical flow of information and compassion that helps you.

3. Talk Less and Listen More: It is important to have a good listening skills being in sales. Because if you not listening then you are talking about anything that can be perceived as awkward or could be misconstrued as inappropriate. But in case of B2B inside sales a low tone murmur could be used so as to make the executive ensure that you are listening to every detail that he is mentioning.

4. Promptness: You are not present physically with the executive but then your behavior before and after the call builds in a certain image about how you might be. Hence follow up after the cold calling with a thank you mail, prompt material submissions for further discussion.

Creating a good first impression for many salespeople can be challenging but it is an essential skill in B2B inside sales. As with many other things, it can be improved through practice. Getting feedback from customers, other salespeople or your manager who have observed your calls would be a good first step. No printing salesperson can survive in this profession for long without continuously prospecting for new customers. Rather than generating a steady stream of quotes to print buyers, focus on making impactful sales calls, where you are keenly aware of the “Threshold 30.

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