Cracking the code – How B2B Lead Generation works

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Today’s business environment works solely on brand recognizition, recall by customers and sales number. Marketers in B2B selling markets often deal with the difficulty in generating leads and closing sales. In order to address this challenge, marketers need to understand the mechanism to increase their lead flow and also ensure the sales closure.


1. Generate More Leads:
Marketing has a lot of vehicles added to play around to reach the prospects. To mention a few of these tools- direct references, cold calling, website, mailers, newsletters and ads. Each source yields a different quality of lead and also the quantity of lead that flows into the system. B2B Lead generation companies like ClientCurve help their clients by getting qualified appointments in the form of demos, conference calls, direct face-to-face meetings, etc. Here goes some of the ways to ensure smooth lead flow.
a) Right buyer profile (target market): You first need to know – Who can be a customer? Who is the right person to talk to? Who will be the influencers or decision makers and other parties directing the sales? Having this correct means your campaign will get a right direction to move forward.
b) What is Market doing? Understand direct competition; take inputs from internal and external sources to understand their success. Meetings with your presales team, sales team will help you understand the reality of the market.
c) Right content: Creative marketing agencies deal with handling the content in various forms- eBook publishes, white papers, trade show/conference presentations, website contents and webinars. Appropriate content in the social media community, blog, video, LinkedIn, Slide share, etc. Maintaining them with meaningful contributions and talking to prospects through these media does improve upon the presence and lead flow.

2. Nurture and Qualifying More Leads:
Sales team is often focused on leads which are closing today but do not bother to understand at times the ones that might be interested in the next 6 months or a year. Companies like ClientCurve help their clients to handle the old leads by nurturing them and understanding their business scenario.
a) Nurturing a lead is an art in itself: Lead nurturing is a delicate phase and needs sharing information that is appropriate and holds onto their interest as well. ClientCurve takes in a very systematic approach by developing on-going marketing communications process with emails, newsletters and direct calls to ensure that the customer remains informed and interested.
b) Customize your communications: Creating compelling content to communicate built around each sales cycle stage and buyer profile helps in avoiding confusion and helps you to stand out in the pack Systematic email and regular update on the offers being given by your company may help you to be in the recall of the prospect. The communication here is very targeted and focused.

3. Converting more qualified leads:
Lead development to a qualified lead, which is almost sales-ready, is not only crucial but also important as we wait for this to convert to a revenue flow. Any sales rep would agree as to how difficult it is to be able to handle the long built relation with the prospect and the urgency to close the sale come to the threshold. It becomes important to determine what works best to convert prospects. We can do this by communicating with the prospect through direct calls, encouraging direct visits, mailers to keep yourself in the loop as to the progress. Here two things happen, prospect remembers you and recognizes your effort, second he now is knowledgeable about your product to make a quick decision when the time comes. It is with great patience and empathy that a sales rep needs to go to further develop the lead to a closure.

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