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Increase ROI on Marketing with 4 Scales

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Marketers take into their work a plethora of responsibilities to ensure support sales for their organization. They function by gathering, analyzing data, getting right prospects, convincing them about the product/ service, nurture them for sales, support the sales team, etc. Marketers on the other hand need to justify the Return on investment (ROI) on every activity they have engaged in. Their major concern lies in tracking a lead as they are generated in the database to qualifying to converting it to a sale. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 33 percent of B2B marketers believe the inability to measure marketing activity is a significant issue.

ROI Growth
In actuality, the below mentioned 4 scales to help all the marketers to track ROI better:

1.Right Database: Companies often waste a lot of time and resource to procure right companies and prospect them. ClientCurve has resolved this by subscribing to multiple sources and getting customized databases on the target market that each company is looking at. Hence the clients get focused list with the right decision makers to further process for leads.

2.Number of Leads Generated: When marketers reach us, at ClientCurve Infosystems, a lead is defined by when a prospect is scored. Each month, ClientCurve measures how many companies are targeted in the database and pass to be a lead. To do this, dedicated teams work to track the changes for all leads in database.

3.Conversion of Lead to Qualified Lead: To measure the conversion rate of leads to qualified leads, ClientCurve works hand in hand with clients to categorize and nurture each of the lead scored to take them to the next level, discuss it in a meeting with sales team. It is important to understand that not every Qualified lead closes to be a sale but they always remain in the pipeline to reach out for further business. That is where the clients get the ROI in the long run in the form of sales closures.

4.Online Presence: Internet is another vehicle that marketers are playing around to increase the online presence, reach to the customer base and at the same time hit their recall repeated in an efficient manner to generate the sales. ClientCurve further improves this process for the marketers by reducing the over load of work at the same time keeping the objective intact towards sales. Clients get a better experience in being able to talk to the target market in a more efficient manner and maintain the budget.

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