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World is a competitive market today. Companies are in a run to be the best and are looking new pastures for sales. One of the crucial parts of the sales team is Lead generation or ‘lead gen’ as it’s frequently called. It is a critical component to any marketing program and utilizes all the shiny new tools like CRM, marketing automation tools to succeed but is still based on the age-old formula of finding, attracting and sustaining the prospective customers.

Lead generation is a very simple process where all magic is done by convincing, qualifying and managing the contacts in a way that ultimately lead generated converts into sales. Aggressive lead generation supports the sales team by building a strong pipeline and eventually sales closure. But organizations often fumble in the process as their core issues of monitoring consistent sales pipeline, managing sales team, transparency in how the team functions, enough motivation to inside sales team takes away most of their time and effort.

The volatility of market and new media vehicles are giving marketers ways to tackle their challenges in a better and cost effective ways. Thanks to the marketing experts in the industry who are consulting organizations to work out lead generation campaigns in a manner that both age old method of calling and prospecting and online marketing tools jell together to be able to define business results. ClientCurve Infosystems is a Global Marketing Process Organization (GMPO) which handles marketing and sales support services for clients. It works for its clients to generate database, target the right prospects, generate leads and also do online marketing so that the client’s marketing goal is achieved. ClientCurve has also been able to generate a systematic sales pipeline for one of its clients in the IT industry where they could achieve more than 250 meetings in a year for them. Primary reasons why this model works for organization is a strong process, consistent consulting with inputs from the industry practices and focused on performance.

The marketing experts in ClientCurve also agree that a lead-generation program should have a few common components as below:

Solid strategy: Strong industry analysis and final decisions on who to target to get the best of the business in the industry. Need to craft a campaign program that works for your business with your customer base.

Data capture: Need to have a database of target audience. Experts provide you with right person contact in the targeted companies so as to be able to capture and maintain information about customers and prospects by using CRM and marketing automation tools.

Good customer service: A robust lead-generation program that includes direct calling, online leads, referrals and customers who seek out your company based on the experience they had while negotiating, information sharing impacts the kind of further leads organizations receive.

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