Importance of Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing

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today’s environment, it has become more challenging to find out new sales leads. Lead Generation can be a useful marketing tool to any business. In simple language Lead Generation is the Process of collecting names and contact information about qualified prospects which will be get in touch with by the salespeople for generating orders. It usually involves email marketing, direct response advertising and telemarketing.

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Lead Generation involves processes like –

· Defining sales read leads with sales management buy in
· Developing self qualifications criteria for use on web and in direct mail
· Developing grade and score system to define quality readiness and  nurturing stages
· Developing messaging and offers to create importance and move on the prospect

Lead generation process is greatly supported by marketing plans. Marketing plans about a service or product generates a kind of awareness about the same in between the consumers and thus the sales leads are generated.

Let’s now discuss the major benefits of Lead generation, why it’s required to use lead generation.

Benefits of Lead Generation:

• Lead Generation brings Continuous Pre-Qualified Fresh Leads in your Sales Pipeline
• Lead Generation fetches High-quality appointments with decision-makers
• Lead Generation process can get Significant Increase in Sales and thereby higher Revenue
• Lead Generation Improves the sales team productivity with better Closer Ratio
• Lead Generation Leverage the ROI on Sales Personnel Staffing Cost
• Lead Generation provides Scalability to expand or retract
• Lead generation is the process that involves Manageable Cost to suit your Budget
• Lead Generation Improves Pipeline Conversion Rates
• Lead Generation Eliminates challenges of managing bigger sales team

Lead management is necessary process for all types of businesses. Similarly, analysis of business leads is a common factor and it is done at random as an integral process of business administration. For service oriented business, lead generation process is essentially related to sales force automation; on the other hand it is the deciding scale of marketing plans and polices for better sales drive and market saturation programs. Lead generation is beneficial for small to big size of businesses to improve Pipeline Conversion Rates by identifying qualified leads to pass to sales and executing integrated lead nurturing campaigns to increase the conversion of leads to sales opportunities.

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